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Corporate Profile
Ablerex is a brand of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power quality devices (PQD) produced and marketed by Ablerex Electronics (S) Pte Ltd. Headquartered in Singapore, the company was founded in 2002 and begun its operations in 2003. The Ablerex brand was launched in 2004.

Ablerex builds its business and brand foundation on one single philosophy ?making every moment count. We believe the only moment that matters to each and every one of us is the one we are living in. With this strong belief in mind, the company is committed to creating and building innovative power supply products to maintain power continuity and consistency. We have made it our mission to keep the world we are in, intact and constant so that we can keep holding on to every moment in our lives.

Whether it is at work or play, Ablerex understands the importance of every moment. The last thing we need is a disruption when something happens to the power. Being intuitive and resourceful, our research and development team is geared towards making our lives better and more efficient in various unique situations at work. We have designed and developed a range of UPS products to suit a whole range of users in different environments such as home and small office, business, corporate and industrial.

Constantly striving for product innovation and excellence, we have since generated top-notch quality designed products and received industry recognition through innovation research awards and patented technology. Ablerex is also the pioneer and only developer of Active Power Filter (APF) in Asia. Designed and engineered in Singapore and Europe, our UPS and PQD products are stylishly reliable.

The Ablerex brand values the importance of being consumer-friendly especially in a technical environment. In order to better relate and reach out to the users, we strive to communicate in a simple and direct manner, minimalising the use of technical jargons and maximizing the use of layman’s language.

The values which Ablerex embodies are friendly, empathetic and intuitive. We are friendly with clear and simple messages, empathetic by understanding what the market needs and wants, and intuitive by being pro-active with our product developments.

With our strong belief and commitment towards maintaining power continuity and consistency, Ablerex will continue to make every moment count for you, be it at work or play.